Thursday, June 12, 2008

my name is... barbara

so, if you're on here you most likely know me. if not, well hey there! the name's rebecca, don't wear it out. i'm a Christian and my number one priority in life is Jesus. but anyway, on to bloggin'.

kayla came over yesterday and we looked through pictures and letters from the old days. it was only after school ended that i realized how much i miss her. we took pictures and it was just like it was two years ago, only better. she's grown up a lot in those two years and i couldn't be more proud of her, even though i worry about her sometimes.

i've been out of school for a month now, and i have to say that this has been the best summer ever. with mom in school and dad at work and lots of free time on my hands, i've finally done some of the things i've been waiting for what seems like eternity to do.

1) read for fun
2) start up on my poetry again
3) catch up on my letters and email
4) organize my pictures folder on my computer
5) get a new computer!! yeah!!!
6) make a blog!

hopefully i won't just post this and then forget all about it for the rest of the summer.